Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"Lettuce" Grow The Market!

Arlington Farmers' Market located in Legion Park- Photo credit Arlington Farmers' Market

The Arlington Farmers’ Market belongs to the community of Arlington. Lets grow the market!

You love the market. We love the market.

Here's the deal: the market needs you.

The Arlington Farmers' Market has run on a shoestring budget by an all volunteer staff for the past three years. Since 2010, the market has doubled each year, growing from a tiny 4-vendor spot in a parking lot to the magnificent community resource you saw last summer.

And it will be even better this year. But we need you.

Misty Mountains Farm talking with a loyal customer- Photo credit Arlington Farmers Market.
There are many volunteer positions to to fill for the coming season, including:

Story time/ kids activity coordinator
Set up manager 
Breakdown crew
Sign Master
Information Booth Attendant
Volunteer & Event Coordinator

You do not need to be an expert to enrich your community; you just need passion, an openness to learn, and a can-do, cooperative spirit!

So why should you work with the farmers' market? 1) We are fun to hang with. 2) Farmers markets are the only public retail outlet for many small farms; no market, no local agriculture! 3) Foster community gathering space. 4) Create outreach opportunities for education, conservation, and stewardship. 5) Support the future of farm to plate healthy living in our town!
The success of the AFM is 100% dependent on you, our fantastic community! With the help of some fantastic volunteer partners, the AFM will continue to blossom and grow.

We need you!

Story time at the market, a fan favorite!- Photo credit Arlington farmers' market.
Email Arlingtonfarmersmarket@hotmail.com with your interest!

See you at the market!

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