Friday, May 11, 2012

Sponsor Thanks: Toby Barnett of Keller Williams Realty

We’d like to take a moment to thank one of the Arlington Farmers’ Markets business community sponsors: Toby Barnett, a realtor with Keller Williams in Marysville! He took a moment to share with us what he’s all about and why he believes that supporting the market is important.

Why do you support the AFM?

Local farmers have to compete against large conglomerate franchises, which tends to push out the small farmers as they cannot compete at scale. As a local business owner, I too have to compete against large teams and franchises, so we are similar in that we both depend on the strength of the local economy. It’s important to purchase locally to maintain a well-rounded business network. Also, farmers markets have healthier, less processed food. Our “fast” lifestyles in America tend to contribute to bad eating habits, so shopping at the market is a way to take a step towards improving our quality of life, and helps us teach our future leaders the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

What sets you and your business apart?

As a second generation real estate broker and University of Washington business graduate, I bring a unique perspective and consider my job to be much more than just showing homes and filling out paperwork. I also make it my mission to know my community inside and out so that I can be a better resource for people relocating who are looking to balance their commute with their hobbies. I am also a tech savvy broker and can help sellers get their home in front of as many buyers as possible on the web and create the most opportunity.

Thanks Toby! You can find Toby on the web at, by phone at (425) 210-0709, or in person at 1027 State Ave, Suite 102 , in Marysville. Tell him the farmers’ market sent you!

If you’d like to become a business community sponsor of the market and help grow our local food economy, please contact us at

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