Friday, April 6, 2012

Outdoors NW Magazine Names Farmers Markets As Snohomish county's Best Destinations

Outdoors NW Magazine recently contacted us with some questions about Snohomish County farmers' markets. Hilary Meyerson of Outdoors NW asked Samantha Schuller our own Arlington Farmers' Market Communications Director a little about our farmers market. Samantha is quoted in their 2012 Event Guide as saying "What a good farmers' market should do is help to foster a relationship between healthy families, seasonal food and the community as a whole". GO SAMANTHA! To me farmers' markets bring so much to a community besides just something to put into your mouth (though you may see me walk across hot coals for farm fresh organic peaches or raspberries). We view our community market as a hub of family friendly activity. come out during the season with your family and meet your community farmers, walk in the sunshine, buy local, organic, affordable, seasonal food (the best kind of food!). Get inspired by your community, chat with your neighbors, and make new friends!

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