Sunday, March 11, 2012

What is the big deal about local food?

Here is a great video from last season, film by Joshua Guerci, audio by Jeff Morales. You may recognize the farmer as our very own Mark Lovejoy of Garden Treasures in Arlington. He is answering the question: Is eating local organic food more expensive?
I love that he is able to so easily articulate his thoughts on local food. There is another point that was touched on this short video that I also believe everyone should factor in to the "low" perceived cost of conventional food. When you buy strawberries flown half way around the world and sold in a chain store you are not able to contribute to the health of your community with this purchase. Most of the dollars spent at a locally owned independent business stay right in your community. Experts agree that spending money at an independent business can have a positive impact on your community, in a way which spending at a big box can not. I have seen estimates hover around the $.80 mark on each dollar spent, where as chain stores and big box stores only leave about $.40 of each dollar in our community. If you spend your money locally, you aren't just buying strawberries any more, but contributing to the independence and strength of your community. "If you want your own community to be successful you have to be ready to support it."- Mark Lovejoy. Can we afford not to buy local?
I hope to see you out at the market this summer buying local and supporting your community!

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